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Mathieu Porraro is passionate about diving since a young age after having the bug handed down from his father, he did his first dives in 1997 in the Lake of Geneva in Switzerland, where he grew up. Getting certified as an Open Water in 2003 in Switzerland, he continued diving for the next 15 years and got his first Tech certification in 2013. At the same time, he finished his studies in Business Management in Geneva. Once reaching the Dive Instructor level in 2014, Mathieu Porraro then went on the dream adventure and globe-trotted the diving world including such places as Australia, Egypt, Indonesia, Maldives and the Mediterranean. Very enthusiastic about both technical diving and underwater photography, he was offered an apprenticeship onboard Waow for three months as a dive guide. During this time he fell in love with both the boat, and with Indonesia. On returning to Switzerland and into the family business, he worked as a brand manager for a luxury car distributor for a while before the calling for the sea and an offer as cruise director had him return to Indonesia. Unfortunately Waow burnt and sank in January 2018 but Mathieu Porraro re-contacted Tom Steiner, who he had previously met at Gozo Technical Diving during a training course, to offer his services  and to continue training by his side.

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Mathieu Porraro
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